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    Connecting rod bearing shell

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    Qin Huangdao Sino-Ocean Marine Equipment & Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Qin Huangdao, an important port city in Bohai rim region of China. The company is more than 20 kilometers away from the port, the world’s largest coal export port. Since its establishment in 1995, the company has always been committed to providing systematic and professional one-stop service for the maritime industry. After 25 years of development, it has now grown into a comprehensive enterprise which gathers spare parts’ supplying, processing and renovation, ship repair, technical support and shipbuilding equipment supply together.
    We supply a wide range of original (OEM) and licensed spare parts and assemblies for most marine air and refrigeration compressors of various types, as well as complete compressor units.
    Compressor units are delivered according to customer requirements and in various designs, both new and remanufactured. All of them are tested and have an operational warranty of at least 6 months.
    We can supply Air compressors Connecting rod bearing shell, as following:
    Suitable for J.P SAUER & SOHN – WP series.
    Suitable for SPERRE – HV and HL series.
    Suitable for TANABE – for all types in full.
    Suitable for HATLAPA – L and W series.
    Suitable for HAMWORTHY – SF, TF, TM and V series.
    Suitable for YANMAR – for all types in full.
    Suitable for BITZER – G, H, T, P, N, F – series.
    Suitable for CARRIER – F and H series.
    Suitable for DAIKIN – for all basic types.
    Suitable for SABROE -YORK – CMO and BFO types.

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