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    High pressure suction & Exhaust valve

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    Sino-ocean Marine stocks and supplies various high pressure suction & exhaust valve for main air compressor/ screw air compressor, suitable for the following series of models:
    Suitable for TANABE:
    Suitable for YANMAR:
    SC5N/ SC7N/ SC10N/ SC12.5N/ SC15N/ SC20N/ SC25N/ SC30N/ SC40N/ SC50N/ SC60N/SC75N/ C300/ C370/ SC10N-TF/ SC40N-TF
    Suitable for HAMWORTHY:
    2SF4/ 2SF42(F)/ 2TF5/ 2TF54/ 2TM6/ 2TM61/ 2TM62/ 2TM63/ 2TM67/ 2TM68
    Suitable for SPERRE:
    HV1/120 HV1/140 HV1/156 HV2/200 HV2/210 HV2/219 HV2/220 V2/235 HV2/240 HV2/270 HV2/300 HL2/90 HL2/105 HL2/120 HL2/140 HL2/160
    Suitable for HATLAPA:
    L80/ L100/ L215/ L220/ L270/ W80/ W110/ W140/ W220/ W280/ W400/ W420/ W600
    Suitable for SAUER:
    WP60/ WP100/ WP110/ WP135/ WP160/ WP185/ WP220/ WP270/ WP320/ WP370/ WP8L/ WP13L/WP18L/WP25L/WP32L/WP40L/WP50L/WP62L/ WP80L/ WP100L/ WP120L/ WP150L/ WP250L/ WP255L/ WP295L/ WP300L/ WP135-YS-E
    Suitable for SUCTIONGAS:
    TCAX181465/ TXAW2216137/ TCAX2216146/ TCWX22/14AT/ TCWX221433
    High pressure suction & Exhaust valve

    High pressure suction & Exhaust valve (1) High pressure suction & Exhaust valve (2) High pressure suction & Exhaust valve (3) High pressure suction & Exhaust valve (4)

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