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    One-stop services, worth of entrustment


    Repairing Services

    ? strong technical force and rich experience
    ? Diesel engine maintenance, fault analysis and repair services
    ? Turbocharger maintenance, fault analysis and repair services
    ? Hydraulic systems on deck machinery maintenance, fault analysis and repair services
    ? Communication and navigation equipment maintenance, fault analysis and repair services
    ? Automation and electrical system maintenance, fault analysis and repair services

    Repairing Services


    Parts Reconditioning

    ? International advanced technology and processing equipment
    ? Renovation processing technic, testing standard, and the qualification of the workers have passed the certification of CCS
    ? Welding technology and materials
    ? Cylinder cover recondition services
    ? Piston crown recondition services
    ? Connecting rod recondition services
    ? Valve spindles and valve seats recondition services
    ? Crankshaft recondition services

    Manufacturing services

    ? Wide ranges of equipments in our workshop
    ? Liable & capable to manufacture any kind of parts as per samples, drawings or description
    ? Quick acting clients which are on spare parts and small items
    ? Make them and serve you immediately


    Serving All Ports of World

    Since staying in the field for decades we have spread our branches all over the world,especially in northern China (Qinhuangdao, Tianjin, Tanggu, Jingtang, Changzhou, Huanghua, Chaofeidian, Yingkou, Bayuquan, Huludao, Jingzhou and Dalian etc.) Just email us and ask for our service. It would be our responsibility to serve you.

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